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What is the difference between Pro Series and Tuff bodies?

The Pro Series is made from a virgin-grade ABS plastic and has a high-gloss finish. The Tuffs (Super Tuff and Aero Tuff) are made from polymer plastic and have a duller finish compared to the Pro Series. The Tuffs lack the high-gloss finish that the Pro Series has, but are more durable than the Pro Series; however, the Pro Series is still very durable compared to fiberglass.

What is the difference between the Aero Tuff and the Super Tuff?

The difference between Super Tuff and Aero Tuff is simply the design. The Aero Tuff gives you an aerodynamic look and the Super Tuff has more of a rounded look. Both the Super Tuff and Aero Tuff are made from the same type of plastic (polymer plastic), so there is no difference in the durability.

Does M&M manufacture fiberglass bodies?

No. M&M only manufactures plastic bodies.

Are M&M bodies only for oval-offset karts?

We offer a straight-roadcourse style in the Pro Series. Please note that Aero Tuff and Super Tuff are only available for oval-offset karts.

Can you paint M&M bodies?

Yes, the Pro Series paints easily. We do not recommend painting the Super Tuff. The duller surface of the Aero Tuff and Super Tuff makes it difficult to paint.

How do I get my decals to stick to the Aero Tuff and Super Tuff bodies?

Clean the entire body with rubbing alcohol before applying your decals.

Is there a warranty on a M&M body?

Yes. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Simply call us at (574) 536-6103 if you have a defected body.