Rasics Tire Prep


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Rasics prep is designed to be the only prep needed for every situation tested and proven!
Base is 24/7 you can use it all day everyday, use to bring tires back to life and add bite without dropping euro. Rocket Boost is a great qualifying prep can be mixed with all other Rasics prep to add bite. Rocket Reducer is used for dry, hard and high bite conditions. Also perfect to mix with 24/7 to reduce tire bite. Four2glue is perfect for low bite and wet conditions. Four2glue also works Great on Vegas and Maxxis. Boost, Reducer and Four2glue sells in Quarts while 24/7 sells in gallons. Buy individually or save money and buy as a kit.
24/7 – Gallon
Rocket Boost – Quart
Rocket Reducer – Quart
Four2Glue – Quart
Kit includes one of each

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24/7, Boost, Reducer, Four2Glue, Kit